Cases of forgery of Magnum Steel products are revealed !!!

The growing popularity among buyers of ball valves and valves with rubberized wedge Magnum Steel has led to the fact that many counterfeits appeared at the market of the Republic of Belarus at reduced prices.

If you paid attention to any defects (even minor ones), you should know: there is a fake in front of you. Do not forget to pay attention to how the name of the brand is written and whether there is a marking. All your questions should be dispelled by the seller of products - ask him for a quality certificate for the goods sold. Do not save money on buying, because good quality can not be cheap. Quality products you can find only from our official distributors of Magnum Steel, which are listed on our website. We guarantee you the high quality of your products!

In this regard, please follow the information on our website about our dealers, and in case of doubt in the reliability of the quality of the Magnum Steel products purchased, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Myths about the quality of Chinese goods

Talks about the fact that Chinese goods including stop valve a priori are of low-quality, can be heard few and far between. However, this stereotype is still alive, - and it’s birth dated as the raucous 1990s in Russia and the former USSR.

China is reliable in USA

Moreover, the experience of importing low-quality mass consumption goods has become proverbial. And as usual there are here some nuances.

Up until ten years ago at my first visit of USA I was surprised by the delight with which Americans spoke about the quality of Chinese goods. Those times we all avoided any mentioning of China at labels of any product.


Ball valves Company «Magnum Steel»

As they say, water is essential. But today no one walks with buckets to the river or to the nearest well. As Marshak wrote: “The river has gone mad - it goes from house to house by itself”. And of course it doesn’t go on foot, it goes by water pipes. And now to get water right in your kitchen or bathroom it is enough to make an easy movement to turn the tap "as a key".

And Magnumsteel ball valves, which are designed to adjust the flow characteristics in the water pipes, act as this key. These features include the flow rate, the volume flow (i.e. water consumption), and the pressure or the lift in this case. By the way not only water, but other liquids, vapor and gases may fill the pipes. Therefore the steel today is the most suitable material for valves, which undergo high mechanical stress, temperature extremes and aggressive and corrosive environments.


Let us recall the rules of installation and operation of Magnumsteel ball valves

Installation of Magnumsteel cranes in the piping systems.

Before installing the crane, check its label for compliance with the documentation for the pipeline. Magnumsteel cranes can be installed only after pre-cleaning of the inside part of the pipe. Preparing Magnum steel cranes for installation happens as follows:

- removing the plug;

- checking if the crane is in the “open” position;

- checking the cleanliness of the crane internal cavity, connecting surfaces of the crane and the pipeline;

- removing the grease from the surface of the sealing flanges or end caps for welding.


Sales of rubber wedge gate valves and ball valves are growing. Part 2

Dear readers, we continue to summarize the company’s results for the year 2012 in various countries in which OU «Magnumsteel» products are represented. The current article is dedicated to the market of the Republic of Poland, which has opened for us in 2012.


Sales of valves with rubber wedge and ball valves are growing

The current article is opening a series of articles that will summarize the work of OU «Magnumsteel» in various markets of the CIS and Europe in 2012.

Early last year, OU «Magnumsteel» company started the planned expansion of sales network in Europe. In 2012 we signed partnership agreements with the major trading companies in Poland and the Baltics - TSV GROUP (Warsaw) and NIDIJA (Riga). Thanks to the timely decision of sales management in the Baltic the sales of ball valves, compared with 2011, doubled, and sales of valves with rubber wedge increased by 2.5 times.


Ball valve and gate valve with rubber wedge company OU «Magnum steel», conquer Europe

Today the high quality of production company OU «Magnum steel» allows you to enter new markets selling ball valves and gate valves with rubber wedge.


Ball valve and gate valve with rubber wedge Magnum Steel - how to distinguish a fake?

The growing popularity among consumers ball valves и valve with rubber wedge Magnum Steel has meant that the market began to appear a lot of fakes at discount prices. The quality of performance they are significantly worse than the originals, also called into question and their performance. The use of "substitute" more than once became the cause of significant damage and accidents that lead to large financial losses. In some cases, even fakes are the cause of serious injury. Guarantee a long service life of the original ball valves and gate valves with rubber wedge of Magnum Steel — this is an excellent reputation for quality control of products and materials used in the production.


Ball valves Company «Magnum Steel» - an excellent choice at an affordable price

Despite the fact that the valves and the valves still continue to be in demand, yet they are slowly fading and giving way to new solutions. Replaced by a modern ball valve company «Magnum Steel». Recently, this type of ball valves are increasingly used builders of utilities and other experts on pipeline valves. Ball Valves have a number of advantages over other valves.


Valve with rubber wedge - the choice of those who know how to count money

Valve with rubber wedge — the most practical kind of shut-off valves for hot and cold water. It is rubberized wedge gate valves ensures high tightness. Moreover, it helps to avoid deformations and - as a consequence - the wedge gate valves, which greatly extends the life of the device. And that means - ensures ease of operation and reduced maintenance costs and upgrade systems.


Flanged ball valve


Flanged ball valve - one of the most popular types of valves used as shut-off device in pipelines.


Ball valve welded shut


Among the high demand in Russia and Belarus the company's products OU «Magnum Steel» includes ball valves welded shut. Compliance with international standards of products, favorable price / quality ratio, production in the CIS makes ball valves welded shut OU «Magnum Steel» attractive for companies from the region.


Ball valves with extended stem for underground installations


The company OU «Magnum Steel» is engaged in designing and manufacturing a wide range of pipe fittings, which include ball valves with elongated shaft for underground installation.

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