Ball valve and gate valve with rubber wedge Magnum Steel - how to distinguish a fake?

The growing popularity among consumers ball valves и valve with rubber wedge Magnum Steel has meant that the market began to appear a lot of fakes at discount prices. The quality of performance they are significantly worse than the originals, also called into question and their performance. The use of "substitute" more than once became the cause of significant damage and accidents that lead to large financial losses. In some cases, even fakes are the cause of serious injury. Guarantee a long service life of the original ball valves and gate valves with rubber wedge of Magnum Steel — this is an excellent reputation for quality control of products and materials used in the production.

The main purpose of those engaged in counterfeiting, do not spend extra effort and money to create a "clone" the famous brand. Most products are superficially looks similar, but the quality of the materials used does not tolerate any criticism. The components are replaced with cheaper ones. In handicrafts and save a significant amount of metal, which affects the thickness of the walls of the product. A method of underground cast is much inferior in quality used in professional production of the latest techniques of hot pressing or forging. On cast parts visible on the surface roughness and heterogeneity of discernible structure. The result - not only low-quality product, small time operation, but the lack of practical hygiene. In the company's products Magnum Steel this is unacceptable. Ball valve and gate valve with rubber wedge made ​​of alloy steel and ductile cast iron, the quality is strictly regulated by national standards. In contrast to the counterfeit, all our products undergo strict quality control meets all European standards.

If you pay attention to any defects (even minor), you should know: before you fake. Do not forget to pay attention to how it is written the name of the brand and there is a marking. All your questions should dispel the seller of products - ask him for a certificate of quality on traded goods. Do not save money for the purchase, because of good quality can not be cheap. Quality products can be found only in our official distributors of company Magnum Steel, are listed on our site. We guarantee you a high quality of its products.

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