Ball valves Company «Magnum Steel» - an excellent choice at an affordable price

Despite the fact that the valves and the valves still continue to be in demand, yet they are slowly fading and giving way to new solutions. Replaced by a modern ball valve company «Magnum Steel». Recently, this type of ball valves are increasingly used builders of utilities and other experts on pipeline valves. Ball Valves have a number of advantages over other valves.

• simplicity of design

• relatively small cost

• high reliability

In the production of ball valves as the materials used high quality materials from steel, stainless steel, titanium, and some other alloys. The choice of material always depends on the aggressiveness of the chemical environment, which will be used in the pipeline. They are also used ball valves made ​​of plastic. Possible to install them as a metal and a plastic pipe. To connect couplings are used with an appropriate seal that allows you to mount ball valves in the pipeline with a diameter of the passage of up to 100 mm.

Ball valves company «Magnum Steel» used in construction, oil and gas industry, as well as in chemical industries. In the main oil pipeline running water or mounted valves of different types of performance. Depending on the task, use ball valve welded, flanged or threaded, in rare cases, choke option. Management body, usually depends on the size. If a small section of water, then set the manual option, in other cases, the valves are mounted pneumatic or electric actuators.

Ball valves company «Magnum Steel» most often found in water systems or heating homes. They provide the required reliability and simplicity of operation.

The company OU «Magnum Steel» engaged in developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing of industrial valves (DN 10 to DN 1000). When ordering on our website or our dealers, you get a certified product that was manufactured and tested in compliance with all the necessary requirements. Particular attention is paid to quality, as evidenced by stable performance and excellent reviews of our customers. Our warehouses in Europe has always kept a stockpile of products, which means that making a reservation, you will not have to wait long.

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