Let us recall the rules of installation and operation of Magnumsteel ball valves

Installation of Magnumsteel cranes in the piping systems.

Before installing the crane, check its label for compliance with the documentation for the pipeline. Magnumsteel cranes can be installed only after pre-cleaning of the inside part of the pipe. Preparing Magnum steel cranes for installation happens as follows:

- removing the plug;

- checking if the crane is in the “open” position;

- checking the cleanliness of the crane internal cavity, connecting surfaces of the crane and the pipeline;

- removing the grease from the surface of the sealing flanges or end caps for welding.

Magnumsteel cranes may be installed on the vertically and horizontally arranged pipelines in any position. The direction of the flow may be arbitrary. Cranes with damaged connecting elements are not accepted for installation as well as the cranes with parallelism errors of adjacent flanged connections of the crane and the piping, which can cause local stress. Magnumsteel cranes should be always installed in the "open" position, additionally adhering to the conditions specified in the applicable rules of the Russian Federation. Magnumsteel сranes, designed for welding, must be installed according to the technology, developed by the manufacturer of the pipeline. Tests of integrity or stability of the pipeline should be carried out on "fully open" cranes additionally adhering to the conditions set forth in the applicable rules and regulations of the Russian Federation.

Operation of Magnumsteel cranes.

Magnumsteel cranes must be operated according to the conditions for isolation valves, what means in the position of "fully open" or "fully closed". Cranes left in not fully opened position may cause the damage to the laying. Ball position should be visually inspected on the display and on the turn angle limiter. Rotating the spindle to the right makes it close, to the left - open. Turning the ball should be smooth, without any stops with a constant, visible resistance, checking the mutual voltage at the junction of the ball and the laying, which causes integrity. The excess load on the ball above the maximum may damage the ball, the spindle and the working element of the turn angle limiters. The maximum value of turning points for different cranes is presented in the Table of maximum turning moments. Operating parameters of the ball valves indirectly depend on the conditions of their accession, type, quality, and parameters of the working environment, as well as the switching frequency. By calculations of the manufacturer, the durability of the crane components, operated in accordance with the operating parameters, shall be 20 years. During the operation, the crane must allow a minimum of 500 switches for DN 125,150,200,300; 1000 switches for DN 65, 80; 3000 switches for DN 32, 40, 50 and 10000 switches for DN 15, 20, 25. Specified number of cycles comes from the expert opinion issued by the certification bodies for the reinforcing products according to the European standards. Real service life of the cranes can be longer than previously provided (even several times longer). Real service life depends on the physical and chemical parameters of the environment surrounding the base, as well as on the parameters of the fluids flowing through the crane. Ball valves don’t require maintenance during the whole operating period. It is necessary to monitor the corrosion shell and the state of connection of the tube with the pipeline. The crane must be protected from the mechanical damage and must be kept clean, especially in the areas of control of the ball position. The cranes should be changed during the repair of the pipeline after the evaluation of wear. Cranes do not require any replacement parts.

ATTENTION! Do not use ball valves for fluids with pollution, which can cause mechanical damage to the laying of the ball.

ATTENTION! Be sure to carry out opening and closing of the crane at least 4 times a year, at regular intervals, to avoid acidification of the ball and the laying.

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