Ball valves Company «Magnum Steel»

As they say, water is essential. But today no one walks with buckets to the river or to the nearest well. As Marshak wrote: “The river has gone mad - it goes from house to house by itself”. And of course it doesn’t go on foot, it goes by water pipes. And now to get water right in your kitchen or bathroom it is enough to make an easy movement to turn the tap "as a key".

And Magnumsteel ball valves, which are designed to adjust the flow characteristics in the water pipes, act as this key. These features include the flow rate, the volume flow (i.e. water consumption), and the pressure or the lift in this case. By the way not only water, but other liquids, vapor and gases may fill the pipes. Therefore the steel today is the most suitable material for valves, which undergo high mechanical stress, temperature extremes and aggressive and corrosive environments.

In particular, taps with stainless steel ball valves are ideal for water, because otherwise the expression "water plus metal" will be equal to rust. However, the corrosion resistance is not the only requirement for shut-off valves. Equally important is its integrity, because leaks and dripping taps can cause a lot of trouble. But even more important element is the sealing of the locking elements in gas pipelines. After all, the consequences of leakage of water do not go to any comparison with the effects of the gas leak.

As for the design decisions of the correct valves, there are many of them: for instance check valve, needle valve, gate valve, diaphragm, butterfly valve. They should not be confused with the structural elements of the pipeline, such as caps, flanges, elbows, tees and others which set the direction of the flow. Another fine question of the shut-off valves, not related to fluid dynamics though, is the question of the correct spelling of one of the cranes in Russian. Professional engineers typically use the first option (шаровЫй), and linguists argue that, since the name is derived from the word ball, it is the ball valve (шаровОй). However, there’s an objection that the ball is not a sign of a crane form, but is its element, and thus a crane will be ball (шаровЫй), disc and so on.

In the endless disputes the arguments with reference to the accents and grammatical gender are mentioned. Therefore, the last word belongs to the GOST and they chose ball valve (шаровОй). Such is the mysterious key.

You can learn more about the design and specification of ball valves on our web-site. There you can also find addresses of the representative offices of Magnumsteel company in your region.

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