Myths about the quality of Chinese goods

Talks about the fact that Chinese goods including stop valve a priori are of low-quality, can be heard few and far between. However, this stereotype is still alive, - and it’s birth dated as the raucous 1990s in Russia and the former USSR.

China is reliable in USA

Moreover, the experience of importing low-quality mass consumption goods has become proverbial. And as usual there are here some nuances.

Up until ten years ago at my first visit of USA I was surprised by the delight with which Americans spoke about the quality of Chinese goods. Those times we all avoided any mentioning of China at labels of any product.

It’s vivid that the problems with Chinese quality in America are solved. From this we can draw a conclusion – Chinese plants know how to do a good-quality product, which would be cheaper that the same product in the other countries. Of course, you say, USA is the biggest trade area for China – but this is not the question – how Americans managed to achieve this?

They just learnt to control the working process, the conditions of accomplishment and managed to get from Chinese suppliers required quality. How they do this in a few words – they stimulate Chinese workers – prove the quality at the plant till the due payment of the delivery – it’s impossible to clap on low-quality product to clients. The inspection is made at place in correspondence with all American standards and guaranteed by specialists – buying agents – Americans with the full stuff of employees. The following step is the control under transportation conditions. That’s all.

The company Magnumsteel adheres to the same principal producing their products in China. Constant quality control, starting from raw material suppliers to ready-to-use products. Planed production inspections is conducted by authorization-based agencies.

Thanks to such measures and standards of the company Magnumsteel, our products are estimated as being of high quality.

The company «Magnum Steel» cares about their clients working out and producing high-quality stop valve at moderate prices, providing professional service, convenient logistics, constantly supporting perfect image due to transparency of activities and mastership of the employees of the company.

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