Ball valve - a kind of pipeline, valve, or a locking control element which has a spherical shape. This is one of the modern and progressive types of valves, finding increasing application for different operating conditions in pipelines transporting natural gas, water and oil in municipal water and gas, and other areas. The ball valve may be used as control valves.

The design of ball valves OU «Magnum Steel» is not new and has been known for over 100 years old. However, in earlier versions of the construction crane did not provide a dense covering of passage. The emergence and implementation in valve materials such as Teflon, synthetic rubber for the manufacture of saddles has led to the beginning of widespread use of ball valves. New materials enabled the closure density, and significantly reduce the effort required to control the crane.

Movable element (gate) valves OU «Magnum Steel» is a spherical cap - the ball along the axis of which is a through circular hole for the passage of the medium. In the walk-through valves to fully close or open enough to turn the ball pass through 90 °. The diameter of the hole usually corresponds to the inner diameter of the pipeline, which is installed on the crane, called in this case, full bore. Hydraulic losses in fluid passage through the fully open valve is very small, almost the same as when passing through the pipe environment, equal to the length of the valve body, which at times less than in other types of valves. This is a valuable quality made ​​ball valves the main shut-off device on the linear part of the gas mains. To reduce the size and torque required for control valves, sometimes used narrowed valves. In addition to the above, ball valves OU «Magnum Steel» have a number of other advantages:

  1. simplicity of design;
  2. high and reliable sealing;
  3. small size;
  4. simple form of flow and the absence of the stagnant zones;
  5. easy operation;
  6. small amount of time spent on the turn;
  7. the applicability of the viscous and polluted media, suspensions, slurries and sludges.

In ball valves OU «Magnum Steel» saddle to hold the body in the form of rings of different types of plastics (mainly PTFE), which provides a leak-tight integrity, ease and smoothness of rotation of ball caps.

Ball valves are controlled manually (for small diameters), and using a mechanized drive - electric, pneumatic - and hydraulic. For taps on gas pipelines is possible to use as a management environment, transported by pipeline.

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