Ball valve


One of the products manufactured by our company is a steel ball valve.

What is a orbicular valve?

The main elements of the orbicular valve are as follows: a locking element in the form of a ball  with cylindrical bore, the body, stem, through which the rotation of the exercise orbicular, stem seal and a orbicular, a removable handle. The case of cranes, made ​​of carbon steel, which increases its strength. Polished ball placed in the enclosure are made of stainless steel. On both sides of the ball adjacent seals are made of carbon-Teflon material, durable and great protection from the environment, low and high temperatures. In the upper ball valve is an array of spindle gaskets. In this connection the elastic stem \ the ball - the ball under pressure, moves freely in the direction of the seal.

Crane orbicular OU «Magnum Steel»:

  1. durable and reliable, it is best adapted to the heat network in Russia and Belarus, has a relatively low price and high quality.
  2. thickened wall (special version for Eastern Europe), increase the strength of the crane;
  3. Special thanks to elongated spindle can produce isolation valve;
  4. high reliability in operation, due to the fact that all the valves are a complete test cycle, which ensures a high level of quality, and is in compliance with standards;
  5. low price.
  6. model of ball valves can be equipped with electric and pneumatic actuators leading manufacturers of RC, AUMA, BERNARD.

Crane orbicular

Despite the similarity of construction steel ball valves in virtually all manufacturers, given the extraordinary attention that experts OU «Magnum Steel» paid to quality raw materials and process technology we were able to bring quality product to perfection. Production is fully automated and controlled at every stage.


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