One of the products manufactured by our company are cast iron gate valves with rubber wedge - EPDM. Elastomer suitable for potable water for use in cold water supply (HWS).

Бthanks to a special design cast iron valves «Magnum steel» series «Z 45X» and «SZ 45X» have several advantages over their counterparts. They have a wide range depending on the nature of the facility and the design features of networks. They have a effective protection against corrosion, lack of time in the building, impact resistance according to DIN 30 677 T2, health safety and suitability of food. Valves with rubber wedge Magnum steel ideally suited for underground installation. Another indisputable advantage - 50 years manufacturer's warranty.

The advantages of valve «Magnum steel» over similar products with similar characteristics:

  1. high reliability (MTBF - up to 1000 cycles);
  2. a small torque (up to 15 kg / cm);
  3. without sealing gland packing;
  4. no pit, depressions and grooves in the shell valves;
  5. inability to wedge gate valves (resilient wedge);
  6. coating products inside and out with powder paint, which protects the valve from corrosion;
  7. availability of technical certificates and health certificate.

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