Ball valve and gate valve with rubber wedge company OU «Magnum steel», conquer Europe

Today the high quality of production company OU «Magnum steel» allows you to enter new markets selling ball valves and gate valves with rubber wedge.

The use of technology innovation, careful selection of raw materials and high qualification of our specialists allows competing brand products Magnum Steel in the western market. At the same time  ball valve and valves have much to gain in value. We were able to achieve a favorable price-performance ratio due to the placement of production in China.

Ball valve and gate valve with rubber wedge have several advantages compared to similar types of regulating valves.

Ball valve - this is:

1) Ease of use;

2) Reliable sealing products;

3) The small size;

4) The ordinary form of the flow, in which there is no stagnant zones;

5) Ease of control valve;

6) A little time spent on the rotation;

7) Can be used for slurries, viscous and contaminated media, sludges and slurries.


Catches have the following characteristics:

1. reliability;

2. low torque (up to 15 kg / cm);

3. stem seal;

4. in case there is no valve pit, pits and grooves;

5. gate valve is not jammed;

6. the product is covered with powder paint inside and out, which prevents the valve from corrosion;

Reliability, durability, functionality, low prices - all of these key parameters make our products profitable for the buyers not only in Europe but also in Belarus and Russia.

One of the priorities of the current year - the development of exports and an increase in sales in the EU. For convenience and to promote products to the EU in early 2012 has been expanded and reorganized logistics center in Lithuania, which became the basis for the promotion of products to the EU. Partnership agreements with two major trading companies in Poland and the Baltic States - TSV GROUP (Warsaw) and NIDIJA (Riga), signed in early 2012 once again confirms the quality of our services.

The local version of the site and company OU «Magnumsteel», specially designed for you in Poland and the Baltic States, provide the ability to complete and qualitative information about the updates to the specifications of our products. We do our best to provide a comfortable environment for your familiarity with our products.

Trade Representative Office «Magnumsteel» in Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Estonia allow us to be closer!

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