Valve with rubber wedge - the choice of those who know how to count money

Valve with rubber wedge — the most practical kind of shut-off valves for hot and cold water. It is rubberized wedge gate valves ensures high tightness. Moreover, it helps to avoid deformations and - as a consequence - the wedge gate valves, which greatly extends the life of the device. And that means - ensures ease of operation and reduced maintenance costs and upgrade systems.

In assessing these benefits, most companies focused on building long-term and stable business, preferred gate valves with rubber wedge, and not other similar technical characteristics of gate valves.

Today, cast-iron valve with rubber wedge — EPDM (EPDM) - included in the product range of "Magnumstil." A variety of types of sizes allows you to choose the appropriate device, depending on the parameters used in your enterprise installation and design features of the network.

These valves can be mounted in different positions - both vertical and a horizontal line. Valve housing with rubber wedge is straight through, which prevents the accumulation of sediments.

The advantages of valve with rubber wedge production "Magnumsteel" also include:

• shock

• absence of pores in the shell

• health security

• suitability for food


The design of the valve company OU «Magnum Steel»:

1. The body of the product is constructed of cast iron and ductile graphite and polymer coated with a durable, not only outside but inside.

2. Corporate color of the valve body OU «Magnum Steel» - blue.

3. Polymer coating completely prevents the valve from corrosion.

4. Bolts hidden in the body, and do not spoil the design of the structure.

5. Wedge gate valves OU «Magnum Steel» is made of gray cast iron and obrezinen material.

6. The spindle is made of stainless steel according to international standards.

7. Spindle seal is a double O-ring seal that does not require maintenance.

8. Bearing made ​​in the form of brass nuts.

9. The clearance spindle bearing is sealed with a ring.

10. Catches of OU «Magnum Steel» available for conditional passes with DN 50 to 600 mm.


Ways to joining the company gate OU «Magnum Steel» to the pipeline.

The choice of valves (ball valve, valve with rubber wedge) by the method of attaching the pipeline depends on such parameters as pressure, frequency of removal of pipelines, and the temperature of the working environment. The same distinction is made between the combined, clutch, flanged, welded, vantuznoe, clamping, tsapkovoe, adherence to the nipple line.

Manufacturability of the design with rubber wedge gate valves evaluated (conduct) at baseline, they, in turn, characterize the structure of design and precision machining closures. In areas of declining responsibility of targeted technology systems, where the functions used fittings, are the main economic indicators of technological design of the product. Benchmark is the moment magnitude (level) of technological design products according to the complexity of assembly and processing of the product.

Valves are designed for full cut-off the flow of current environment and provides a lock (tightness) in the gate and prevents interaction with the environment. Valves control is a trial-Flushing and Flushing. It is used to check the fluid level in tanks located, release the air from the upper cavity, sampling, drainage. Control valves designed to control the parameters of the working environment (flow, pressure, temperature) by changing its flow. It includes: pressure regulators, flow regulators, temperature regulators, reactors, liquid level controls.

Cocks and valves with manual transmission is widely used for convenient access to it, as well as in those cases in which there is no way to connect the remote control.

Evidence of high quality valve with rubber wedge production "Magnumstil" can serve not only to customer feedback, but also a complete set of documents and certificates.

Thus, all the products the company has the technical passports, certificates of compliance, certificate of manufacture, allowing the use of MES and Gosgortekhnadzor Republic of Belarus. When you buy you can also get detailed advice on the operation, which greatly simplify the installation of locking devices, and accordingly - reducing your costs to run the water system.

Give us a call — and we will give you detailed information about gate valves with rubber wedge, their cost and delivery times.


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