Ball valve welded shut


Among the high demand in Russia and Belarus the company's products OU «Magnum Steel» includes ball valves welded shut. Compliance with international standards of products, favorable price / quality ratio, production in the CIS makes ball valves welded shut OU «Magnum Steel» attractive for companies from the region.

Ball valve weld - the kind of valves, traditionally mounted on pipelines that transport a variety of substances from water to oil and gas. Ball valves are widely used for welding in construction, food, chemical, petroleum industry, housing and communal services.

Typically, the ball valve welded shut installed in remote areas of the pipeline where there is no possibility of its replacement. It causes severe demands on the quality of products - ball valve welded shut to be reliable and durable.

Ball valves for welding production OU «Magnum Steel» are made of high carbon steel. They are tight, durable, virtually no need for care and in performance superior to many foreign counterparts. The service life of ball valves for welding OU «Magnum Steel» without the need for repair or replacement without the risk of an accident - 15-20 years old.

Production OU «Magnum Steel» capable of withstanding temperatures from -40 to +200 ° C.

Orifice diameter ball valves welded shut off by product number OU «Magnum Steel» varies from 15 to 1000 mm. We will be glad to provide you with product samples and answer any questions.

For advice and a price list on the ball valves welded shut, please contact our experts by phone in Minsk +375 17 200 26 57, or with dillers in your area.

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