Sales of valves with rubber wedge and ball valves are growing

The current article is opening a series of articles that will summarize the work of OU «Magnumsteel» in various markets of the CIS and Europe in 2012.

Early last year, OU «Magnumsteel» company started the planned expansion of sales network in Europe. In 2012 we signed partnership agreements with the major trading companies in Poland and the Baltics - TSV GROUP (Warsaw) and NIDIJA (Riga). Thanks to the timely decision of sales management in the Baltic the sales of ball valves, compared with 2011, doubled, and sales of valves with rubber wedge increased by 2.5 times.

Consumers highly appreciated the high performance of isolation valves under the brand name «Magnum steel». Empowerment of the logistics center in Lithuania, which became the base for the promotion of products on the European market, have enabled dealers to respond to requests from the customers, and due to that the delivery of finished products from the manufacturer to the consumer fell by a third.


We are not going to stop at this result, as our designers are constantly working to improve the performance of products. You can find all news and information about the future plans for the development of OU «Magnumsteel» on our website, and we look forward to seeing you at the construction exhibitions, participation in which has become a good tradition for our company.

Dear partners! Thank You for being with us this year!

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