Sales of rubber wedge gate valves and ball valves are growing. Part 2

Dear readers, we continue to summarize the company’s results for the year 2012 in various countries in which OU «Magnumsteel» products are represented. The current article is dedicated to the market of the Republic of Poland, which has opened for us in 2012.

Poland, with its almost 38 million population, is the largest country in Eastern Europe. GDP in 2012 grew by more than 2% up to $ 800 billion. Industrial production growth was 4%, and the unemployment rate reached 10.1%. Poland is the only EU country that has managed to avoid a recession caused by the financial crisis of late 2008. The above-mentioned figures suggest that the Polish economy is not just the peripheral country of the EU, where we want to sell our products, but a major player, who in contrast to the EU, is developing dynamically, attracting the attention of many competitors. And it is quite an honor to be on this market.

What concerns the industry of pipe valves, where the products of the OU «Magnumsteel» company are represented, within the year 2012 this segment grew up for a little less than 4%. OU «Magnumsteel» products no claim to have a leading position in this promising segment due to huge competition and specificity of the Polish market. Polish consumers are rather conservative and are used to trust brands which have been represented for a long time already, but, nevertheless, within the last year OU «Magnumsteel» company managed to represent itself in a good way. It is proved by the concluded agreements with the large consumers, who installed Magnumsteel ball valves and valves with rubber wedge in their facilities, and renewed the contracts for a new 2013. Portfolio of pre-orders for 2013 has already exceeded sales in 2012, which also shows the progressive increase in sales of OU «Magnumsteel» valves in the Polish market.

Due to well-established logistics, excellent quality and reasonable price for ball valves and gate valves with rubber wedge, as well as the constant stock reserves of the main partner of OU «Magnumsteel» in Poland, TSV GROUP company, the debut in 2012 was successful for us.

We would like to thank all our partners and customers who worked with us in 2012, and assure you that we will continue to follow our mission and take care of our customers, developing and manufacturing high quality valves at an affordable price, providing a professional service, convenient logistics, constantly maintaining the perfect image of the company due to the transparency of actions and skills.

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